Clean Ayr is offers testing compliant with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This includes testing of above ground and below ground fuel storage tanks (AST, UST), tank fuel lines, overfill prevention equipment, automatic tank gauges, and even ground water vapor monitoring equipment.

Texas has a variety of annual, bi-annual and tri-annual certifications that are required for AST and UST owners. There are also annual walkthrough inspections as well as fire code inspections. We can help to keep all of this straight and make sure that your certifications are scheduled and completed on time. In the event that something requires repair, we work with certified contractors to get your equipment back into compliance.

It is the little things that matter. Such as stated by a local testing engineer, “when installing or replacing overfill prevention, flow restrictor devices are no longer allowed and cannot be replaced if failing inspection. Then, within 30 days of repair completion, you must test spill and overfill prevention.” Clean Ayr pays attention to details.