Clean Ayr helps keep vehicles and equipment running in the DFW area.  We do this by providing and regularly schedule maintenance services as well as excellent emergency repair services.  Equipment supported includes DEF containers and dispensing equipment, fuel island dispensing systems, fuel storage tank and line equipment, and fleet maintenance shop equipment.  New sales and installations are also available.


Even the best equipment has a limited life span and when repairs need to be made, Clean Ayr can bring the right professionals to your site to handle any DEF or fuel related issue from maintenance and repair, fuel management systems to full replacement of existing tanks and equipment.


Clean Ayr is offers testing compliant with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This includes testing of above ground and below ground fuel storage tanks (AST, UST), tank fuel lines, overfill prevention equipment, automatic tank gauges, and even ground water vapor monitoring equipment.

Texas has a variety of annual, bi-annual and tri-annual certifications that are required for AST and UST owners. There are also annual walkthrough inspections as well as fire code inspections. We can help to keep all of this straight and make sure that your certifications are scheduled and completed on time. In the event that something requires repair, we work with certified contractors to get your equipment back into compliance.

It is the little things that matter. Such as stated by a local testing engineer, “when installing or replacing overfill prevention, flow restrictor devices are no longer allowed and cannot be replaced if failing inspection. Then, within 30 days of repair completion, you must test spill and overfill prevention.” Clean Ayr pays attention to details.


Poor fuel can have a cascading negative impact on your fleet by clogging filters, contaminating the vehicles fuel system, and damaging pumps and injectors. Unwanted water and contaminants settle to the bottom of your tanks over time and are a breeding ground for algae, bacteria, and other micro-organisms. After a while, all tanks will need to be serviced to remove those unwanted components. Clean Ayr can bring your fuel back to life through fuel polishing and the proper additives to help your fuel at its best.




The average underground fuel tank life span is only 30 years and once a tank reaches that age, your insurance costs will skyrocket and the frequency of testing increases. Any financial benefit you gained by having fuel on site quickly evaporates leaving you with a very high-risk asset on your property. Clean Ayr can help bring the right people together to remove the existing tank and lines, replace outdated equipment and install new equipment before your outdated system becomes a liability.


Ground contamination is no laughing matter and underground fuel tanks can hide slow leaks from view. Annual tank and line testing is the best defense against undetected fuel leaks resulting in costly ground water contamination, soil remediation and long-term contamination monitoring. We can help establish annual testing and tank certifications to verify your systems are in proper working condition and you are compliant with TCEQ reporting requirements.