For the last 10 years, DEF usage has steadily increased as fleets, stationary power systems and construction equipment are refreshed with SCR equipped diesel engines. Keeping DEF tanks topped off can be an additional hassle and expense when using pre-packaged solutions such as 1- or 2.5-gallon containers. Most vehicles utilize tanks ranging in size from 5 to 30 gallons making this an impractical long term solution.

Utilizing 55-gallon barrels or 275/330-gallon totes are a better solution, but disposal of empties can be challenging not to mention costly when you need to order more.

We specialize in micro and mini bulk DEF delivery directly to your business. We can refill your existing DEF tote or even specialized DEF dispensers using our custom designed delivery system. Unlike larger transport or even bobtails, our trucks are built to get into difficult to access locations minimizing impact to your daily operations

Ordering is simple with our online system from your desktop, iPad, or phone. You can also call or text your order if you prefer.

Clean Ayr’s custom-built Peterbilt trucks deliver bulk diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) across North Texas to its customers in a timely fashion. Using certified Weights and Measures equipment, customers know that they are getting exactly what they are paying for, and at the best possible price. All DEF is handled according to the International Standards Organization (ISO) compliance regulation for DEF; ISO 22241.
Clean Ayr handles DEF in less than truck loads (LTLs) and full truck loads (FTLs) with an attention to customer satisfaction and delivers only top-quality DEF. Our DEF is American Petroleum Institute (API) certified as well as tested and certified as 32.5% urea and 67.5% deionized water according to the United States National ASTM D7821-12 (21018) “Standardized Test Method for Field Test Determination of Urea Concentration in Diesel Exhaust Fluid.”

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Clean Ayr now has nine different formulas suited to support and improve fuels around the globe. The fuel additives are catalysts that break down particulate matter, eliminate water, provide a lubricity agent to reduce engine wear and remove microbial activity in diesel and biodiesel. Our gasoline fuel additives prevent phase separation; when the ethanol molecules attach to the water contaminants in the fuel and separate from the gasoline. Our fuel additives are delivered in bulk to fleet operators’ fuel storage tanks. Standard treatment is 1 gallon of additive per 1000 gallons of fuel. Special private labeling and packaging are also available for wholesale distribution.

The CleanAyrBoost Super Cleaner Diesel Fuel Additive (CAB) has a special formula which helps to improve the condition of dirty and unstable diesel fuels and substantially reduces emissions. CAB is the right solution as it pays for itself with reduced engine wear, fewer fuel filter issues, and greater miles per gallon. Our Unleaded Fuel Additive (UFA) does the same for all gasoline fuels including E15 and E85 fuels. Our proprietary UFA formula also eliminates phase separation.

The Clean Ayr fuel additives can improve the fuel tank conditions for all equipment, vehicle, and storage tanks (ASTs and USTs). CAB and UFA reduce elevated acid levels which cause tank and fuel delivery system corrosion. It is easy to see the results as equipment and vehicle exhaust pipes – previously black with carbon soot – become clean and look like new after a month of continuous CAB or UFA use.