Quality DEF is the first step to protecting your fleet for unwanted down time however, properly operating dispensing and storage equipment is just as important. Faulty or damaged equipment can cause serious damage to your SCR systems through contamination or cause driver frustrations, increased down time and increased costs when you DEF dispensing system is not operating as designed. We can dispatch the right people directly to your site to properly address any issue with your DEF dispensing system.

Standard 330-gallon tote with 120V pump installation


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At Clean Ayr, we have been working with vehicle and equipment fleets in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex since 2010 and are one of the leaders in DEF dispensing and delivery systems. We teamed up with the best DEF dispensing companies in the business to bring to you the most reliable turnkey DEF dispensing system on the market at a very competitive price. Dispensing DEF in bulk at your location is not only convenient and simple it will save your company 50-75% over expensive 2.5-gallon containers.
We wanted DEF dispensing to be a positive experience so we set out to design a DEF system that is durable, easy to use and ensures the product can be delivered, stored, and dispensed correctly so your DEF is fit for use in your fleet. Selective Catalytic Reductions (SCR) systems very are sensitive to all forms of contaminates including but not limited to unapproved dispensing materials, dust/dirt, aluminum, steel, rainwater, even tap water. Using materials that are not compatible with DEF will cause contamination and will lead to expensive SCR repairs. Our system eliminates material compatibility and contamination concerns by adhering to the ISO 22241 standard for DEF equipment.

Starting with the heart of the system, we use a Piuzi® SuzzaBlueTM heavy-duty DEF 120V/60Hz diaphragm pump. With flow rates up to 9.5 GPM, a 20-minute duty cycle and a 6 ½ minute auto shutoff feature, dispensing is both fast and reliable. Most pumps on the market do have an auto shutoff feature which leaves them suspectable to pump burnout and costly replacement. In addition, the pump motor doesn’t require dynamic seals greatly improving its life span. There are also 12V pumps for locations without power. We provide the solar charging station with a regulator to keep the rechargeable battery in its optimum condition.

The tote attachment base uses stainless-steel (SS) unlike many other solutions that choose powder coated steel which will not stand up to DEF over time. The plate is designed to easily hang on the metal frame of the tote and includes a built-in receptacle to hold the nozzle. A 20’ dispensing hose attaches to a SS 304 dual plane swivel to provide strain relief and address premature failure due to hose twist and kinking. Unlike most turnkey systems, we include an auto shutoff nozzle because no one wants to overfill their DEF tank.

Independent 330-gallon tote with 12V pump installation with Solar Charging

There are two pitfalls of a tote based dispensing system. First, ensuring the pump can hold a prime. With traditional siphoned based systems, once you stop pumping, the product in the siphon tube will drop to the same level as the product in the tote. That means, every time the pump is called into service, it must reprime itself before product can be dispensed. This increases pump run times and generates unnecessary wear and tear on the pump components. We install Benecor FillFastTM bottom feed adaptor which includes a check valve to ensure the pump always primed and ready to go.

The second issue is ingesting dirt and other containments while dispensing. Older style systems claim to be fully closed loop however, that is not the case. Once the connector is attached, the tote is now open to the atmosphere and can ingest dust and other foreign matter. This is especially true during dispensing because the connector also provides venting of the tank leaving the tote vulnerable to the elements. To combat this issue, we include the Benecor FillFastTM top which provides 2 separate venting systems. When you are dispensing, the cap that seals the 2” cam lock fill port includes a filter to keep air born particles out of the tote allowing only clean air in. The second set of vents work in conjunction with the 2” fill port to allow air to escape during the refill process for an improved closed loop filling solution.

The standard configuration will satisfy most customers however, for those who like to know how much they are pumping out, we offer an optional electronic meter for enhance tracking of usage which can be added to either system. For applications where dust and dirt are an everyday occurrence, the Three25 can be ordered with an optional filter. If you already have a tote and are looking to upgrade from a manual system or your current electric setup is no longer meeting your needs, these solutions can be purchased without a tote.

Your DEF is only as good as the company delivering it. Clean Ayr has engineered and invested in the latest dispensing equipment including weights and measures meters, digital registers, 1 micron filtration, stainless steel pumps and DEF compatible hoses. Our trucks are designed to get into the tightest spaces where the big 18-wheel transports cannot. We deliver the best product directly from the manufacturer, so you’ll never worry about DEF quality again. Our drivers provide an exceptional customer service experience plus our electronic invoicing means there is less paperwork to deal with.

We set it up, plug it in and fill it up with DEF. There is no fixed monthly charge and when it’s time to reorder, you can call, text, email, or order at to set up a delivery that works on your schedule. You can custom order what you want, a 330-gallon poly tote, a SuzzaBlue Basic pump without a meter or Three25 pump with meter and extra filter.

Remember, unlike wine, DEF doesn’t get better with age so make sure you are getting the freshest product possible for maximum performance and shelf life. DEF is sensitive to heat and UV light both of which will cause DEF to deteriorate quickly causing increased consumption or invoking limp mode in extreme cases. DEF will freeze at 12 degrees, and it won’t hurt the DEF, but it will damage the equipment due to the expansion just like a frozen water pipe. Insulating blankets are available.


One leak in your fuel dispensing equipment can force a full shut down of your pumps creating added costs for external fill ups and the added hassle of cleaning a fuel spill. Clean Ayr can dispatch fuel island repair specialist to address common issue like leaking swivels, broken disconnects, damaged hoses and failed nozzles in addition to normal maintenance such as filter replacement and verifying dispensing volumes.