Mr. Gary Davidson and Ms. Lore Devra Levin co-founded Ayr Data, Inc. (ADI) in June 2009. ADI started as a telecommunications company working with multinational communications companies and non-government organizations. ADI was founded to assist communities in need. With decades of experience in computers, electronics, and communications, ADI delivered voice and data services to educational, commercial, and private companies. Its focus was helping to grow communities by building out communications infrastructure in developing nations.

Mr. D (as he was frequently called) and Lore also believed in green energy and clean transportation. To follow this lead, ADI licensed a formula to blend a fuel catalyst to clean diesel fuels. (See Fuel Additives for more information.) By early 2010, ADI had launched Clean Ayr and created several new formulas to support gasoline fuels and bio-diesel fuels. ADI registered its trade name, doing business as, Clean Ayr.

Clean Ayr’s first clients were with Dallas County Schools (DCS) and local municipal fleets. Clean Ayr’s footprint grew quickly to support over 25 independent school districts’ bus yards, maintenance shops, and white truck fleets. Every day of the week, several million children in the DFW area road 5500+ buses supported by Clean Ayr.

Clean Ayr was growing during the right time. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had established strict guidelines for transportation emissions standards and developed penalties for nonconformance. By 2014, EPA’s mandate for using diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) with all diesel engines was standard and Clean Ayr was delivering thousands of gallons of DEF each week.

When DCS dissolved in 2017, Clean Ayr launched into the commercial fleet space. Fleets included transports, delivery services, fire stations, waste management sites, passenger bus depots, food delivery services, off-road construction crews, and off-site generator systems. In 2019, Mr. D’s wife Jeanette Davidson joined the firm as its CEO and ADI became a woman-owned company.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, millions in the DFW area decided that home deliveries were the safest way to go; and Clean Ayr’s delivery of DEF was considered a critical service. When Mr. D passed in December 2020, his son Mike Davidson stepped into the position as President. The family business continued, and Mike, Jeanette and Lore pushed forward.

Clean Ayr expanded operations and positioned the company for future growth with the addition of twin custom built Peterbilt 337 flatbed trucks. These new trucks can delivery up to 1300 gallons at a time and are sized to deliver less than full truckloads in areas where 18-wheelers and bob-tail trucks can’t fit. Clean Ayr now delivers over 45,000 gallons of DEF each month to almost 200 locations within the DFW Metroplex. If you need DEF, let us know how we can be of service.